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Riser Carriages

Riser Carriage for pipe inspection robot crawlers / tractors / lateral launchers.

Transform your existing crawler into a larger crawler with a riser carriage lifting device.
Enable your existing crawler to become higher, wider, longer, and more stable.
Enables your crawler to work in larger pipes and pipes with fluid and flow.

Get closer to lateral pipes when launching lateral cameras.

Raise your video camera higher for more central viewing.
Use your existing crawler wheels by transferring them to the riser carriage.
All existing controls for your crawler operate as they normally would.

What it is:

A pipe inspection robot crawler accessory.  The riser carriage is a lifting vehicle which transmits the power from your crawler's wheel axles to offset wheel axles which are lower, wider, and longer through mechanical drives in legs mounted to a base.  Each leg's drive mechanism is independent from the others. They are non-slip, non-freewheeling, and work at a ratio of 1.0 : 0.8 from the driven axle to the wheel axle to supply more torque if larger wheels are used.  This preserves all the existing functionality of your crawler, for example, steering and freewheeling.  The legs attach to a base designed to fit your crawler.  Legs are available in three different lengths depending on your height requirements.  The leg wheel axles are available in two lengths giving wheel width options.


Machined from solid aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance and durability.
All exposed components are either stainless steel or anodized aluminum.
Drive mechanisms are sealed to keep out contaminants.
Axle ends are made to fit the wheels that fit the crawler so that you can use your existing wheels.
Crawlers are easy to mount in a riser carriage.
Lightweight riser carriage design enables the existing crawler to continue to propel itself in the pipe.

The riser carriage legs are adaptable to different crawlers using different bases.  If your crawler does not fit our current offerings, contact us about making a riser carriage base to fit your crawler.

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